HOW I PAID 80k in 6 months scams

Some have husbands to help pay debt, others have themselves.


Ever found yourself in so much debt and you don’t know how? Have you ever googled how to manage debt in your spare time. If so, you are a victim and shackled to your debt in spirit. I’ve searched for articles online for two years on how to reduce debt, manage debt, and live with debt. I always read headlines that say, “How I paid off 80k in 6 months.” In reality no average Joe paying living expenses in a fluctuating economy full of problems can realistically pay off 80k debt in 6 months.  How nerve wrecking it is to live on the edge pay check to pay check with no emergency fund.

For example, their articles start off nicely and then it follows, “my husband and I sat down and budgeted…etc” In my mind, dual income is better than scraping by on top roman and air. I want real solutions for single adults who are struggling to make ends meet with either low wage jobs or stretched salaries. I’m sure the single mother with two kids who has to buy groceries with payday loans and credit cards can relate and learn something from the article.

I’ve struggled with managing unsolicited debt in my life. It wasn’t a matter of choice, but a necessity for me to take them. I learned painful lessons on managing a home, a car, maintenance, my health. I learned a lot from my coworkers at work. Some who prayed for me to get well when worried sick. I had coworkers who served as my surrogate parents and provided me with resources to prosper. For sure I know that having debt without a plan and desperately signing documents can destroy your life. Stories of my mistakes will unfold as I collect my thoughts and the lessons learned.